big bang theory-some common misconceptions

The most common misconception regarding big bang is: lot of people think that Big Bang is an enormous explosion that took place at the beginning of our universe, and is not true.

Its actually was an expanding process that had begin around 13.7 million years ago and is still in continuation.
If you want to imagine the process, try to imagine a balloon expanding when we blow air in to it rather than a popping out balloon.

The second common misconception is that we try to imagine singularity as some glowing fire ball present somewhere in space.

The truth being space, time, matter, and energy, are meaningless before big bang.

Our known universe didn't exist before big bang, and it implies that space happens to exist inside the singularity, not that singularity exists in space.

No one until now knows, where and why did this singularity happened to appear!
All that we know so far is, our universe lies inside it and at some point it was not there and neither did our universe.


simple than you believe

I don't know how to write my first post,lot of thoughts start whirling in me.lets start like this.

our universe might be confusing at times but there is always a reason and it can be found if you really believe that it can be found.that is what most of physicists do.Stephen hawking is trying to found the universal theory where most of us won't believe in.

start seeing the universe in a different view. don't follow them,try to find your own universe and the rules that govern ,they are very simple..