time travel possibilities in detail

Time is considered as fourth dimension with the other three dimensions being filled with space. Until now we all know how to travel in space. In the near future, it is more than a possibility that we can even travel in time. Time travel is no more a fantasy.
three of the possibilities have been under consideration so far and im going to explain the first one here
first possibility:
Nothing in the world is so plain, lets take a snooker ball, if we can observe it more closely, we can notice wrinkles and holes on its surface. If we can go deeper and deeper down the smallest scale smaller than molecules,smaller than atoms we will land in to a place called quantum world. This is the place where worm holes appear at a size of around billion trillion trillionth of a cm. These infinitesimally small holes actually are gateways for our time travel.
Scientists believe that these worm holes can be made to appear in large scale and if someone dares to dive into it, he might even travel back in time and reach a point in past.
But lot of physicists been asking a question like if it happens that someone, lets say 'x' went in to past and kills his own self, who is 'x' then. It violates the fundamental law of universe. This is a major drawback and has its own serious consequences.
But this is not the end, the other two possibilities are far more interesting
second possibility
This one stems from Einstein's theory of general relativity. GPS, which is formed by hundreds of satellites revolving around the earth explains this concept better.the atomic clock that is equipped inside them is so accurate that it just delays in the order of 10−9 seconds per day. Even being so accurate, it needs massive corrections at regular intervals along the orbit.the problem being time warp, which means that time being very linear acts non linearly at certain points in space.they even exist on earth.
Giza pyramid, which weighs around 40 million tons is surrounded by time warp. somebody who stay closer to that experience relatively slower drift in time. For an observer who stays closer to Giza pyramid, outside world appears a bit hurried.
If we really want to traveling time, we need something much more massive than Giza pyramid. Fortunately the center of our galaxy is equipped with a super massive Black hole on the order of hundreds of billions of solar masses. It can slow time more than anything in our galaxy. Time gets warped near the super massive blackhole because of its heavy gravitational pull. Lets say if our scientists had built a space ship tthat can reach the center of Milkyway and is set to orbit around the super massive blackhole, for every 60 min of orbit,crew inside the spaceship experience 8 min lag. Round and round they go the ship and crew travels in to future more swiftly. Their 5 days of orbit around the super massive blackhole almost equals 8 years on earth, and when they return they would see the future.
Building a spaceship to orbit around such a massive blackhole, withstanding its massive gravitational pull is almost impossible, but there is one last and best hope of time travel...

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Very informative and opens up the possibilities very well. Thank you for your blog.

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