Time travel- third possibility

Phi masons which are highly unstable particles decay pretty quickly, but when they are accelerated at the speed closer to light they lasts 30times longer, which means that time travel is possible if we can accelerate closer to light's speed

lets for instance, our physicists successfully built a track along the earth's circumference and designed a train that can accelerate closer to light's speed. If the train has to travel at the speed of light, it has to circle the earth 7 times in a second, that's something we can't even imagine..right, anyways we can't cross or even reach the light speed but can get closer enough to travel in time, closer in the sense 99.9% that of light's speed. As the train begins its journey and starts accelerating at the rate 99.9% that of light's speed, the time inside train starts flowing slowly when compared with the rest of the world. Their 1 week of travel inside train equals 100 years for us and they will unboard to see the future earth.

What if a child inside the train starts running, does the added speed cross the speed of the light ?

The answer is no, because as he gets closer to the speed of light he feels heavier and heavier and to reach that point he need infinite energy which is practically impossible.

The Apollo with a speed of about 25000 miles/hour is so far the fastest space vehicle. To travel in time, we need much faster and much heavier one, almost 2000 times faster.
The design says, the initial acceleration of that massive ship is very small but picks up acceleration to reach half the speed of light in 2 years and 2 more years it reaches 90% that of light speed at that time, its would reach our nearest solar system ,Centurion. 2 more years, 99.9% and starts traveling in time. one day on board equals to a whole year on earth.To reach the edge of the galaxy all they need is just 80 years

Most of the time, we try through the right methods to solve wrong problems. Identifying the right problem is the challenging task and once we are through with this, then solving it becomes simple and easy.

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Unknown said...
July 2, 2013 at 11:47 AM

thank u genius

Unknown said...
July 2, 2013 at 11:48 AM

time travel is possible

Unknown said...
July 2, 2013 at 11:55 AM

in this world the source for attaning light speed will present am damn sure about it. the person who find it will be the god or devil for the world>>>>

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